Art # Kyo 952 Kyokushin World Federation Belts

Kyokushin World Federation Belts

One end name of player in japanese katakana, dan stripes   
and kyokushin label.  Other end regular embroidery     
Kyokushin World Federation Belts ( KWF  )    
in japanese katakana   
If you already have your name in Japanese Katakana.   
Just send us a picture of your names.   
Translation available English to Japanese Katakana.   
Translation Web :
DST Embroidery Design charges  only 10 $    
and embroidery Charges  10 $   
Name embroidery charges on Master Black belt : 20 $         
Small or Large name same charges.   
Master Black Belt without embroidery Price is : 19 $   
IKO Kyokushin Black Belts price  :  39 $    
Traditinal wide 4cm.   Available in any size.
Kindly inform total length on belt in CM   
Minimum order required 1 pc   
Price depend on quantity.   
Special Best quality heavy weight belt.   
Shipping charges will be charge 500 gram.  

Quantity    Unit $
1 pc to 99 pcs price 37
100 to 999 pcs price 33
More than 1000 pcs 29