Kyokushin Gi

Art # Kyo 777 Kyokushin Gi

Jacket :  Heavy Weight Strongest Canvas Fabric 14oz /  400 Gram             
Pant :     Medium Weight Twill Zean Fabric  10oz /   283 Gram             
               Pants are Stretchable  95% Cotton 5% Lycra              

Bleached - White ( Preshrink )

Our Kyo 777 is same like Japanese Model K 700 (Base:K-450)
Superior Quality.

Sizing, Fabric and every Thing same like isami Gis

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Quantity    Unit $
1  pcs to 50 pcs price 39
50 to 500 pcs price 27
More than 500 pcs 22

Full Contact Karate Gis
Kyokushin Gis made of strongest canvas fabric 100% cotton,
wider cut, short sleeves, without strings,
heavy and wider lapels washable & Long life Uniforms
strongest fabric and stitches,

Our uniforms are famous for Quality is best
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