Unbleached-Ivory Shinkyokushinkai Gi

Art # Shin 111 Unbleached-ivory Shinkyokushinkai Gi

Best Quality Unbleached - Ivory  Gis K 111       
Kyokushin Gis made of strongest canvas fabric 100% cotton, wider cut,       
short sleeves, without strings, heavy and wider lapels washable &        
Long life Uniforms and strongest stitches, Kyokushinkai, Kyokushinkan       
Shinkyokushinkai or any embroidery available on demand.       
Unbleached Gis have much Shrinkage        
So Custom can buy one size Bigger Gi.       
Canvas Jacket Shrinkage :  Length  5 %   Width 3%,                
Twill Zean Pants Shinkage: Length 10%  Width 5%       
Pakistan is famous for his natural cotton. Japan also import cotton        
from Pakistan. We use fabric same like Japanese gis fabric.         
Japapnese Gi price is more than 200 US$ and our retail price  35 $         
Jacket :       Heavy Weight Strongest Canvas Fabric 14oz /  400 Gram   
Pant :         Medium Weight Twill Zean Fabric  10oz /   283 Gram   
Our Unbleached K 111 is same like Japanese Model        
Mas Omyas K-300 (Base:K-500)        
Shipping charges will be charge 2 kg       

Quantity    Unit $
1 pcs to 50 pcs price 39
50 to 500 pcs price 27
More than 500 pcs 22