Color Belts with Kyokushin-kan Organization Kanji

Art # Kan 935 Color Belts With Kyokushin-kan Organization Kanji

Best Quality Color belts with Kyokushin-kan Organization kanji embroidery and labels.   

Kyokushin-kan all Special colors available ,  like light blue,  light green, etc.

Best Quality Solid Color Fabric and inside  400 gram felt    
Available in all colors & sizes.        
Price depend on quantity.    
Minimum order required 1 pc      
Belt weight is 200 - 300 gram per 1 pc belt      
Shipping charges will be charge 250 gram.  

Quantity    Unit $
1 pc to 99 pcs price 4
100 to 999 pcs price 3
More than 1000 pcs 2