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We are manufacturer & wholesaler of karate belts. We can provide you huge order of belts just in a few days.
Quality Description:
Upper Cloth 8oz, Solid Colors, Inside Heavy Weight Cotton or Foam ( felt )
Traditional Width 4cm, All Sizes ( 100cm to 400cm ).
Importer Can Choose Quality of Belts:
Quality of Material, Width, Size Chart and Stitches according to Importer choice.
In case rate according to quality.
Party labels according to Importer choice.
Samples Free of Cost (Only Belts).
Lowest rates on the earth.
Regular Size Chart :
000/180cm, 00/190cm, 0/200cm, 1/220cm, 2/240cm, 3/260cm, 4/280cm, 5/300cm, 6/310cm, 7/320cm, 8/330cm
Available in all colors & sizes.
Price 0
US$  Belt weight 200-250 Grams. Contact us for Price list


Style No: MMA-001     
Style No: MMA-002            

Style No: MMA-003      
Style No: MMA-004           

Style No: MMA-005     
Style No: MMA-006     

Style No: MMA-007      
Style No: MMA-008            

Moman Martial Arts Mfg & Supply Co.