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Brazilian Jiu jitsu Kimono    

Custom patches bjj kimono

100% Cotton Jiu-Jitsu gi. Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi's are made from 1 piece of fabric (no seam in the back) for strength, comfort and durability. Thick and soft collar made with 1 piece of vulcanized rubber inside. This helps keep this BJJ gi light (doesn't get soaked with sweat), allows the gi dry faster and does not allow bacteria and fungus to remain inside the collar.
Pants are 100% Cotton with reinforced knees, stitching and seams.
Sizes: A1 , A2 , A3 , A4 , A5 , A6 Adult Kids: M0 to M2
Available in 500 Grams and 800 Grams Cotton
Available colors : White, Blue, and Black
All colors available on demand
Embroidery and woven labels as per customer demand.
Sizing Chart in Metric Units
A1 = 150 - 160cm / 50 - 64kg
A2 = 161 - 170cm / 65 - 80kg
A3 = 171 - 180cm / 81 - 100kg
A4 = 181 - 190cm / 95 - 120kg
A5 = 191 - 200cm / 113 - 135kg


Style No: MMA-280  
Style No: MMA-280  

Style No: MMA-281  
Style No: MMA-281  

Style No: MMA-285  
Style No: MMA-286  

Style No: MMA-287  
Style No: MMA-287  

Style No: MMA-288  
Style No: MMA-290  

Style No: MMA-291  
Style No: MMA-292  

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